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The Laser Shot Shooting Simulators are state of the art training tools for practice, training and education.  Using infra-red and laser technology shooters can hunt big game, complete skills challenges using real feel replica firearms.  Shooting into a projection screen, aiming and shooting at simulated hunting and target scenarios.  The shooting simulator also doubles as a Home Theater.  Imagine that, a home theater, hunting simulator, hunter education tool, and shooting training resource all in one system.  

Laser Shot produces shooting simulators for the worlds law enforcement agencies to learn, practice, and train on.  If you enjoy hunting, are an experienced shooter, or if you want to learn - The Laser Shot Shooting Simulators are an answer for you.
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HT-205V Shooting Simulator
HT-205V Shooting Simulator
List Price: $3,595.00
Our Price: $3,595.00

The HT-205V Laser Shot Shooting System comes with a standard rifle, 5 games, and the laser detection camera.
Shooting simulators by Laser Shot.